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100 Ways to Market, Advertise, and Promote Sheet Music

This list is taken from Episode 5 of the podcast Selling Sheet Music.

NUMBER 1. Create a webpage that will serve as the main hub for all your music.

NUMBER 2.  Make a thorough product page for each title you’re selling.

NUMBER 3. Research the key words for your niche to optimize product descriptions and SEO.

NUMBER 4. Share your music or start a conversation on Reddit.

NUMBER 5. Search for blogs or networking sites that are specific to your field.

NUMBER 6. Set up an email newsletter.

NUMBER 7. Set up a profile on LinkedIn.

NUMBER 8. If you can, claim your artist profiles on streaming platforms and IMDB.

NUMBER 9. Work towards getting a Google knowledge panel.

NUMBER 10. Use URL Shorteners like Bitly to make sure links look clean when you share them.

NUMBER 11. Pin your content on Pinterest.

NUMBER 12. Use your email signature to announce new projects and link to music.

NUMBER 13. Write a blog on your webpage about a related topic to bring in additional traffic.

NUMBER 14. Write articles for blogs and publications in your niche.

NUMBER 15. Start a podcast or be a guest on a podcast that’s related to the music you’re writing.

NUMBER 16. Write an eBook that you can share as a download in exchange for emails or subscribers.

NUMBER 17. Create an online lesson course teaching about something related to your niche.

NUMBER 18. Host a webinar or an online class about something you’re passionate about.

NUMBER 19. Write articles on LinkedIn.

NUMBER 21. Make a tutorial video demonstrating how to play one of your compositions or arrangements.

NUMBER 22. Film a video of yourself giving the background of a piece and sharing some tips for performing it.

NUMBER 23. Film a video of you or someone else performing your music.

NUMBER 24. Use stock footage to create music or lyric videos for a song that you’ve written.

NUMBER 25. Shorten your full-length videos to use as Tik Toks, Reels, or Shorts.

NUMBER 26. Create a promo video to tease an upcoming release.

NUMBER 27. Make a video version of your demo reel.

NUMBER 28. Organize your videos into playlists.

NUMBER 29. Take advantage of live streaming.

NUMBER 30. Create a music visualizer video.

NUMBER 31. Make a YouTube reading session.

NUMBER 32. Host a video contest.

NUMBER 33. Use cards and end screens on YouTube.

NUMBER 34. Create social media pages for your publishing company.

NUMBER 35. Make sure every webpage and social media account that you have links to each other.

NUMBER 36. Create Facebook groups for your music.

NUMBER 37. Create header and banner graphics to announce a new project.

NUMBER 38. Share links to your music on social media.

NUMBER 39. Share a picture of your music printed out and artfully displayed.

NUMBER 40. Link to music using Facebook and Instagram shop.

NUMBER 41. Create an image or a graphic for each piece that you publish.

NUMBER 42. Create memes related to your music.

NUMBER 43. Have a giveaway for new followers on social media or for liking a specific post.

NUMBER 44. When sharing arrangements of popular songs, tag the original artist in posts about it.

NUMBER 45. Share an image of your workspace.

NUMBER 46. Live tweet a performance or behind the scenes moment.

NUMBER 47. Share the social media posts of anyone performing your music.

NUMBER 48. Use a service like LinkTree to fit multiple links easily into social media bios.

NUMBER 49. Jump on viral music trends as they happen.

NUMBER 50. Share links to music in Facebook groups.

NUMBER 51. Respond to requests for recommendations in Facebook groups.

NUMBER 52. Ask questions and start conversations.

NUMBER 53. Hold a live Q&A.

NUMBER 54. Look for ways to use hashtags.

NUMBER 55. Create photo albums to share on Facebook or Instagram.

NUMBER 56. Share music related to holidays, TV shows, movies, or other timely events.

NUMBER 57. Write a post describing your inspiration for writing a piece.

NUMBER 58. Create engaging social media stories on Facebook and Instagram.

NUMBER 59. Create inspirational posts that relate to your music.

NUMBER 60. Make educational posts that relate to your music.

NUMBER 61. Share news from your industry.

NUMBER 62. Share music related jokes.

NUMBER 63. Pay for advertising on social media.

NUMBER 64. Get verified if you can.

NUMBER 65. Mail postcards advertising your music.

NUMBER 66. Pay for Google ads to boost product in search results.

NUMBER 67. Advertise  in concert programs, trade magazines, or other publications.

NUMBER 68. Ask for referrals.

NUMBER 69. Submit your music for state organizational lists.

NUMBER 70. Put your music on sale.

NUMBER 71. Rent a booth at music conventions.

NUMBER 72. Apply to present at music conferences.

NUMBER 73. Attend local networking events.

NUMBER 74. Create merch for your publishing company that you can sell or give away.

NUMBER 75. Use the sheet music itself to advertise other titles.

NUMBER 76. Have something physical to give when you meet people in person.

NUMBER 77. Volunteer to help a local arts organization.

NUMBER 78. Make a custom QR code that takes people directly to your catalog.

NUMBER 79. Set up a composer residency with a school or church ensemble.

NUMBER 80. Get involved with performances of your music.

NUMBER 81. Start a consortium.

NUMBER 82. Host your own concert or event.

NUMBER 83. Record your music and release it on streaming services.

NUMBER 84. Have other people arrange your music.

NUMBER 85. If you’re a performing artist, includes sheet music as part of your merch.

NUMBER 86. Use commissions and premiers to promote new music.

NUMBER 87. Arrange other people’s music to take advantage of their fan bases.

NUMBER 88. Co-write with other composers and arrangers.

NUMBER 89. Use a fundraising platform like GoFundMe to raise money for a special recording project or piece of music.

NUMBER 90. Write a song for a cause.

NUMBER 91. Create lesson plans or homework assignments that go with your songs.

NUMBER 92. Offer private lessons where your sheet music is the course material.

NUMBER 93. Publish as many variations of a song as possible.

NUMBER 94. Sell accompaniment tracks.

NUMBER 95. Sell part learning tracks.

NUMBER 96. Publish each song on as many platforms as possible.

NUMBER 97. Start a Patreon or other subscriber community.

NUMBER 98. Create collections of your most popular music.

NUMBER 99. Create easy, medium and hard versions of your music.

NUMBER 100. Create a holiday or other concert program that connects multiple pieces from your catalog.

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