Is Sheet Music Worth More Than a Cheeseburger?

I had kind of a random thought the other day. I was in my car, it was the end of the year, and I was thinking a lot about my publishing business and how things had gone and what I wanted to do in the coming year. And I was sitting there in the drive-through […]

Easy Edits To Make In Show Choir Arrangements

No matter how great your arrangements are, there will inevitably come a time during the school year where things start to plateau, or even worse, start to get stale.  Knowing how to make useful changes and edits to the music is the key to getting through this and kicking your rehearsals back into gear.  Here […]

Show Choir Arrangers You Should Know

  When I first decided to start arranging for show choirs, one of my frustrations was that I didn’t know many of the people already working in the field. Arrangers generally like to avoid the spotlight and the nature of the activity means that they spend more time in front of a computer and less […]

Teaching Arranging in the Choral Classroom

Download for FREE Exposure to arranging at a young age was one of the things that kick-started my love for music. It enabled me to learn the music I wanted to play and gave me the tools I needed to eventually start creating my own music. Unfortunately, arranging is not traditionally part of the curriculum in secondary […]

Resources for Show Choir Directors

If you are new to teaching show choir (or just looking to up your game) there is a large community of professionals and resources available to help you build your program.  This list will be continuously updated as new resources become available.  3rd parties are solely responsible for their own content. **If you have a […]