Hello, and welcome to SELLING SHEET MUSIC a podcast created to help composers and arrangers learn the ins and outs of self-publishing.  My name is Garrett Breeze and I’m a composer and choral arranger living in Nashville, TN.  I created this podcast because self-publishing has played a big role in my career, and I get […]

Mississippi ACDA Summer Conference 2022

It was a great honor to present two interest sessions at the Mississippi ACDA summer conference.  Participants can download copies of the presentation materials using the form below: FREE DOWNLOADS Enter your information to download the slides from Garrett’s presentations, his curriculum for “Teaching Arranging in the Choral Classroom” and some perusal copies of his […]

How to Collaborate With Your Arranger

Your arranger is so much more than a music vendor.  But because arrangers are not physically present (for the most part) when creating a show that relationship is often overlooked or underutilized.  No matter your situation—whether you have one arranger or five, if you have all custom charts or a combination of stock and previously […]

Teaching Arranging in the Choral Classroom

Download for FREE Exposure to arranging at a young age was one of the things that kick-started my love for music. It enabled me to learn the music I wanted to play and gave me the tools I needed to eventually start creating my own music. Unfortunately, arranging is not traditionally part of the curriculum in secondary […]

Resources for Show Choir Directors

If you are new to teaching show choir (or just looking to up your game) there is a large community of professionals and resources available to help you build your program.  This list will be continuously updated as new resources become available.  3rd parties are solely responsible for their own content. **If you have a […]