Garrett Breeze

Trends and Changes in Today’s Wind Orchestra Scene

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dutch composer Johan de Meij on my podcast, where he shared this article he wrote about current trends in music for wind orchestra (concert band, wind ensemble, symphonic band, etc.) DOWNLOAD THE ARTICLE (PDF) Listen to Garrett’s interview with Johan De Meij below:

Garrett’s Interview with “Music (ed) Matters”

I was honored to be this week’s guest on the “Music (ed) Matters” podcast to talk about all things commercial music in the classroom.  Check out my conversation with Dr. Emily Williams Burch HERE. Previous Next

Ryan Murphy “Flight” Q&A

I was recently asked to present Ryan Murphy’s arrangement of “Flight” on a reading session and he was kind enough to answer some questions and share his insight.  It’s a wonderful piece of music published through Walton Music and the Andrew Crane Choral Series. Purchase SSA Octavo Purchase Full Score & Quartet Parts (Ryan Murphy is the […]

Bad Habits That Weaken Your Choral Writing

For better or worse most arranging is done on a computer, which means that composers rely increasingly on how things sound on playback.  While there’s nothing wrong with this approach (it’s what I do), the computer has a way of making certain things sound better in playback than they will in real life.  When I […]

Show Choir Arrangers You Should Know

  When I first decided to start arranging for show choirs, one of my frustrations was that I didn’t know many of the people already working in the field. Arrangers generally like to avoid the spotlight and the nature of the activity means that they spend more time in front of a computer and less […]

The Case for Choir Competitions

The music you make matters far more than any trophy you could receive but participating in competitions is one of the best things you can do to supercharge your choral program. COMPETITION BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN YOUR STUDENTS At its most basic level, choir competitions provide a goal to work toward and a date […]

The Holiday Show is the Most Important Performance of the Year

The December/holiday/winter concert is the greatest opportunity of the year to make a positive impact in the community. This article provides some ideas on how to plan a concert program that will make the holiday season a highlight of the year and a fitting finale to the fall semester.  Read more in Productions Magazine.

Apps For Arranging Music

Incorporating technology into your music arranging process is essential if you want to work more efficiently.  It’s basically a given that you will use some kind of music notation software (Finale, Sibelius, Dorico, Musescore) and/or DAW (ProTools, Logic, Cubase) but there are a lot of really great tools out there that will help you work […]

How to Commission New Choral Music: All The Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

There’s no better way to energize your choral program than by commissioning new music.  Yet, many directors have never considered it—either because they don’t personally know a composer, or they assume it’s going to be too expensive or too complicated.  (It might be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.) The benefits are enormous: […]