Garrett Breeze

Trends and Changes in Today’s Wind Orchestra Scene

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dutch composer Johan de Meij on my podcast, where he shared this article he wrote about current trends in music for wind orchestra (concert band, wind ensemble, symphonic band, etc.) DOWNLOAD THE ARTICLE (PDF) Listen to Garrett’s interview with Johan De Meij below:

Learn How to Write SEO Like Mozart

There is a ton of information written about how Google ranks content and keywords and metadata.  The thing to remember is it’s kind of like music theory. Bear with me for a second.  We look back and we study Mozart and we say, “Oh, THIS is what he was doing.”  And that’s how we view the […]

The Composers’ Guide to Finding Your Niche

The music business is kind of funny because your clients will expect you to be able to anything and everything for them, but they won’t trust you to do anything for them unless you’ve proven yourself in a specific area first.  It’s almost the opposite of med school.  In med school you start general and […]