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Show Choir Arrangers You Should Know (Greig Hutchins)

The owner of GDB Studios is Greig Hutchens. Greig is a certified operator in Pro Tools and is one of only two certified HD10 operators in Indiana. Greig is currently serving HCCSC and working at their Alternative High School. Greig also has served as an adjunct professor for Music and Worship. Alongside his course load, he mentors several students, keeps a private student schedule of more than 20 students and is very active in the Music and Tech departments at The Chapel.

1. Please describe your basic setup.  (Your technical setup as well as the physical space that you work in.)

My setup includes: iMac, MacBook Pro, both running Finale and various Software & DAW programs. Depending on the requirements, I may use other software for sounds (Omnisphere, Keyscape, Big Broadway Brass, Kontakt, Studio Drums and many other libraries for specialized sounds.). My main controller is an old Triton Pro X. I also have a recording studio so I have a lot of other software & equipment at my disposal as well.

2. What is your process for brainstorming or inspiration-seeking as you start a new arrangement?

When creating a custom arrangement, I am most interested in the goal for the song. What does the director hope to create? What are the parameters of the group? Are there any “moments” they hope are achieved in the arrangements? If allowed or if there are no preconceived ideas, I like to ask myself – “What if?” “How do I make this different from what might be found in a standard arrangement?”

3. What is your go-to snack and/or drink when arranging?

LOL. I am all about Diet Pepsi – I also enjoy Chocolate & Peanut Butter. – But, I enjoy a variety of snacks.

4. What is one thing you wish you would have known when you started arranging?

Think of the target group you are writing for and the audience they will be watching.

5. What is your favorite shortcut or time-saving trick in your notation software?

I have 3: Keyboard Maestro (Software), Metagrid (on iPad) and Stream Deck (Hardware). (These all work together & save me a lot of time when working.

6. What is a favorite arrangement of yours?

This year I had the privilege to arrange and orchestrate Woodside Junior High Class Act’s entire show. I think the entire thing came together really well.

7. How can people get ahold of you?

You can reach me at Website: Please put ARRANGEMENTS in the Subject Line.

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Garrett Breeze


Garrett Breeze is a composer, arranger, and orchestrator whose credits include film, television, video games, Broadway stars, major classical artists, and many of the top school music programs in the U.S.