Garrett Breeze

Getting the Most Out of a Small Show Choir Band

I often get asked what instruments are “needed” in a show choir band.  While I certainly have opinions on the subject, that question misses the point—it’s not the instruments that are important, but how you use them.  You don’t need complicated arrangements for your band to have a big impact—by approaching your music with the […]

22 Ways to Fix Balance Issues in Show Choir

To kick off 2022 and to celebrate the official start of show choir season I’m sharing 22 ideas you can use in rehearsal to help as you put shows together with your band and take them on the road.  Break a leg! Make your first rehearsal with the band all about dynamics. Avoid the temptation […]

Garrett’s Interview with “Preaching to the Choir”

I had a blast speaking with Jen Randall for her podcast “Preaching to the Choir” about arranging for show choirs and working with show choir bands.  You can listen to the episode HERE or anywhere else podcasts are found. Also be sure to check out the Show Collective, a collective learning cohort where directors can […]

The Perfect Show Choir Band Scoresheet

OK FINE, so there’s no such thing as a perfect score sheet.  All scoring systems have flaws because music is a subjective art and it’s an extremely difficult task to use the same sheet to compare adult bands to student bands, large bands with small bands, story shows to theme shows, and so on. That […]

“Day-Of” Advice for Competition Show Choir Bands

For many of the band students involved in competitive show choir, the best band award is almost as coveted as the grand championship itself!  A good band can make or break your show, and I outline some things bands can do to improve their performance on competition day in this guest article I wrote for […]