Garrett Breeze

Is Sheet Music Worth More Than a Cheeseburger?

I had kind of a random thought the other day. I was in my car, it was the end of the year, and I was thinking a lot about my publishing business and how things had gone and what I wanted to do in the coming year. And I was sitting there in the drive-through […]

100 Ways to Market, Advertise, and Promote Sheet Music

This list is taken from Episode 5 of the podcast Selling Sheet Music. NUMBER 1. Create a webpage that will serve as the main hub for all your music. NUMBER 2.  Make a thorough product page for each title you’re selling. NUMBER 3. Research the key words for your niche to optimize product descriptions and […]

Learn How to Write SEO Like Mozart

There is a ton of information written about how Google ranks content and keywords and metadata.  The thing to remember is it’s kind of like music theory. Bear with me for a second.  We look back and we study Mozart and we say, “Oh, THIS is what he was doing.”  And that’s how we view the […]

The Composers’ Guide to Finding Your Niche

The music business is kind of funny because your clients will expect you to be able to anything and everything for them, but they won’t trust you to do anything for them unless you’ve proven yourself in a specific area first.  It’s almost the opposite of med school.  In med school you start general and […]

Show Choir Arrangers You Should Know (Greig Hutchins)

The owner of GDB Studios is Greig Hutchens. Greig is a certified operator in Pro Tools and is one of only two certified HD10 operators in Indiana. Greig is currently serving HCCSC and working at their Alternative High School. Greig also has served as an adjunct professor for Music and Worship. Alongside his course load, he […]

UTAH ACDA 2021 Virtual Swag Bag

FREE DOWNLOADS Enter your information to download the slides from Garrett’s presentation, a copy of his newest piece, “We Will Sing At Christmas,” his curriculum for “Teaching Arranging in the Choral Classroom” and an exclusive discount code at

A History of Trailer Music

Music has been part of trailers for as long as sound has accompanied picture.  The Jazz Singer (1927) is often hailed as the first feature-length movie to include synchronized sound.  Usually overlooked, however, is the fact that audiences would have first experienced this technological marvel through the film’s trailer. Several scenes from the film were […]